Feedback & Recommendations

You can read for yourself the feedback Undercurrent has received for our workshops in secondary schools, in higher education and community groups, and our professional development workshops. 

From high school students:

This workshop…

“Promoted positive conversation about some things that aren’t normally talked about”

“Taught me how to respond to someone who’s experienced sexual assault”

“Helped me think a lot about my past and what’s going on in my life”

“Informed me about different strategies and opened my eyes about different issues”

“Helped me understand and change the way I approached things”

In the workshop I found useful…

“I learnt what consent is and what to do in bad situations”

“I learned a few things about sexual health”

“Being able to have this discussion and have better understanding about this and sharing opinions”

“I feel like I related to this from personal experience and it helped us understand other opinions”

“I had the opportunity to ask the awkward questions in a more comfortable environment”

“I learnt how to support people who have experienced violence”

“Just talking about sex openly and normalising it”

“It showed me it’s okay to speak up when getting bullied”

“I became more aware of the types of violence and how frequent it is”

“Gaining the confidence to speak more”

“The discussion on consent and understanding and how it further affects LGBTQIA people”

From high school educators:

From Tom Mason, Senior Wellbeing Co-ordinator at St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre:

"St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre have asked Undercurrent to run workshops with our young people several times in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The young people at St Joseph’s are largely from disadvantaged backgrounds and have become disengaged with mainstream education. Many have been raised without the adequate care and role modelling from parental figures that is the social norm. Due to this we see many behaviours that are of great concern. The workshops run by Undercurrent targeting issues around appropriate relationships, violence, and sex, have enabled us to open up conversations with the young people around their experiences, their perceptions, and work with them on developing appropriate and safe expectations and behaviours as they enter the world of adulthood. 

The stand out aspect of Undercurrent for St Joseph’s was that the workshop facilitators are from incredibly diverse backgrounds and life experiences. An issue we often have is finding guest speakers and the like that the young people can genuinely relate to. Undercurrent staff are ideal for engaging with the young people and genuinely being able to say, ‘I understand’. This allows for the young people to have a truly honest and open experience throughout their time with Undercurrent and they’ve often left with students asking when they were coming back. We look forward to working with Undercurrent more in 2018!"

From Vivienne Harris, School Nurse at Laverton College:

Undercurrent visited Laverton P - 12 College many times during terms 3 and 4, 2013 to conduct the CARE program with the students from years 9 – 12.  I can highly recommend Undercurrent to any school.  Our students enjoyed the program, asking the presenters to return to the school for more sessions when finding out their own year level sessions had finished. 

The feedback from the students was overwhelming positive.  In response to asking the students if they would be able to use any of the information in the session in the future, both the majority of the males and females agreed it was and would be useful for them later. 

Undercurrent will be asked to return next year and continue to build on the great work they have started with our students this year. 


Feedback from TAFE, Universities and community groups:

From educators:

From Melinda Brown, Community Services Program at Victoria University:

“They really took on a lot of new learning and it opened up their eyes to new information and to be much less judgemental about the world around them. Thank you once again it is such important information to get out to our community.”

"Undercurrent has been running workshops with Victoria University Community Services TAFE students for several years now. The workshops are engaging, interactive and practical and cover very important topics such as violence against women, sexual assault and gender inequality. Students always comment that the learning they receive from these workshops enhances their knowledge and skills for working in the sector." 

From students:

Do you think this workshop will help you in the future?

“I learnt lots about the varying types of violence or abuse and how to talk to those who open up to us”

“Was able to give an understanding about how to facilitate a group discussion”

“Always enjoy engaging in group discussions and hearing everyone’s opinion. Reminds me to think outside of my values and beliefs”

“We shared our ideas about what we have to do to make better relationships”

“Extended critical thinking about relationships contexts and behaviours. Very helpful for future social work’

“Yes, because there is not enough focus on LGBTIQ+ violence when talking about family violence”

What was helpful?

“Getting everyone’s different opinions makes you consider thoughts you didn’t have yourself

informative, broadens my understanding of violence and the many contributing factors”

“A lot of useful information explained in easy to understand terms”

“Activities triggered really interesting convos, great mix of discussion and content”

“Gave useful information on running workshops for young people”

“The practice facilitation was valuable. It was nice to step into the shoes of the facilitator briefly”

“Understanding what services are available and how effective they are related to family violence”

“Being asked questions and being asked to explain our thinking. Also listening to other students and presenters”

Feedback from Professional Development workshops:

Do you think you will be able to use any of the information we talked about today to assist you in the future?

"Absolutely, enlightening, informative"

“Great to discuss how workshops are approached and how we can implement these in classes, it was good to see how workshops on these challenging topics can be run”

“It provided an opportunity for me to look at my own ideas and attitudes and how I represent those to students”

“It was very informative and useful for my profession”

What was helpful to you today?

"Support services contact details. Situational discussions were brilliant! Great to sit in a circle as one group, really strong facilitation – well done!"

"Learned strategies to challenge students’ perspective”

“I found it beneficial to unpack real school scenarios and responses we can use”

“Any opportunity to discuss issues like “consent” makes it easier / clearer to discuss with students”

“Increased my awareness of the interconnectedness of gender stereotypes and violence and how successfully we deal with it”

“It made me aware of how gendered stereotypes lead to victim blaming and acceptance of family violence”

“It was thought provoking and helpful for my understanding of relationships”