We offer professional development for community sector workers, teachers of TAFEs/Vocational Education, universities and related organisations. The program focuses on developing an awareness of the prevalence of violence in our community, with a particular focus on family violence, sexual violence and bullying. We address the attitudes and experiences of participants themselves, as well as how participants can support those they work with to develop skills to create respectful relationships throughout their lives.

As people who are often in positions of care and influence, people working in the community sector are well placed to assist those needing to access support, to facilitate the empowerment of those they work with, and to challenge patterns of behaviour that may lead to and enable violence.

Our workshops are tailored to the requirements and interests of each organisation or institution. They can be single or multiple sessions, depending on your specific requirements and available time. At minimum our workshops run for 90 minutes.

Some of the topics and exercises that we can cover in the workshops include:

  • Constructing and delivering violence prevention, respectful relationships and positive sex education programs—issues, focuses, challenges, creative facilitation strategies

  • Broader community and social strategies towards violence prevention

  • Supporting people experiencing or who have experienced violence, safety planning and where to seek help, and resources and services for people who have experienced or enacted harm

  • Recognising and responding to people who have caused harm including accountability and behaviour change strategies

  • Transformative justice, community accountability and the limitations of the criminal legal system in addressing family violence and sexual assault

  • Family and Intimate Partner violence in heterosexual and LGBTIQ+ relationships and communities; exploring the similarities and unique differences between FV/IPV in LGBTIQ+ relationships and heterosexual relationships

  • Frameworks for understanding violence - expanding on an intersectional feminist approach, unpacking queer theory, and exploring how we might enact hierarchy and entitlement

  • Resources & support services

Also see our Training and Facilitation Program and LGBTIQ+ Program

Feedback we have received from Community Groups and Organisations in 2018:

“I deliver a lot of training in my work and this field can be challenging with the topics we present. It is always good to learn about new or other techniques.”

“Tips and tricks for facilitators as well as leading by example in how they ran the session”

“I learnt a lot of practical skills I can use for my current and future work”

“Very relevant to our work in family violence sector”

“It challenged my thinking about the work I do and how I do it, particularly in rural areas”

“Great info, great insight + it allowed me to challenge my unconscious bias”

“It was useful to have the space and examples to think outside the square”


Our professional development workshops are charged on a sliding scale depending on the available resources of your community group. Contact us for information on our current rates. If your community group does not have access to funding, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your request.