Training and facilitation program

We offer a wide variety of workshops and trainings, using an intersectional approach which believes that transformative change requires dismantling all systems of oppression. We work as facilitators to expand the capacity of your team, organisation, collective or community based project through education and training. We are passionate about transformation and bring an awareness of power, oppression and conflict to every workshop we facilitate.

Our workshops are tailored to your specific organisation, collective or project, and we work with you to figure out the most useful aspects for us to cover. Our workshops can be single or multiple sessions, depending on your specific requirements and available time. We will design workshops to build on training that participants have previously undertaken. At minimum our workshops run for 90 minutes.

Topics we can cover:

  • Facilitation skills

    • Creative facilitation

    • Anti-oppressive facilitation

    • Co-facilitation

    • Collusion/coercion or collaborative dialogue

    • Self and group reflective work

    • Exploring facilitation/education theories that inform our/your practice

  • Exploring resistance in a workshop

  • Collective care

  • Intersectionality in your work/team as well as organisations, collectives or community based projects

  • Transformative justice and community based responses to intimate partner violence/family violence and sexual assault

  • Beyond policing - exploring practices that move away from harm, punishment, and control, and toward practices that empower communities to address harm at the root causes. Understanding why some people and communities do not rely and cannot rely on the criminal legal system for support, and exploring alternatives

Feedback we have received about our Training and Facilitation program in 2018:

“I deliver a lot of training in my work and this field can be challenging with the topics we present - it’s always good to learn about new or other techniques”

“Time for critical analysis and new concepts to apply to facilitation”

“Great to explore how when doing training on political topics it needs to include the politics/power we implement through training”

“It was really awesome to hear everyone’s experiences, particularly their challenges and how they overcame them when facilitating”

“It opened up space to discuss facilitation strategies which doesn’t happen in my role a lot”

“Time to talk about facilitation, power and control and oppression in a training context”

“Was really reflective and allowed for good discussion and learning”

“Good reminder of the importance of reflecting on facilitation practice”

“It helped to think about habits we have fallen into”

“Discussing anti-oppressive facilitation and questioning basic assumptions such as ‘safe space’ ”

“Anti-oppressive facilitation - I feel like training can be redesigned to include all learning needs and better understand the groups lived experience”

“The conversation about applying structural compassion to those who resist or oppose”


Our training and facilitation program are charged on a sliding scale depending on the available resources of your team, organisation, collectives or community based projects. Contact us for information on our current rates. If you do not have access to funding, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your request.