Professional Development and capacity building for services and organisations working with LGBTIQ+ people

The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified a need for services to build their capacity to respond to the needs of LGBTIQ+ communities. Undercurrent delivers tailored workshop programs to organisations seeking to gain a better understanding of LGBTIQ+ family and relationship violence, its causes and impacts. We offer specialised workshops to increase LGBTIQ+ inclusion in your organisation, school or other institution, or workshops for LGBTIQ+ participants with a focus on prevention of interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

This program is designed for practitioners working in family violence, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, or other community organisations seeking to gain greater understanding of family violence/intimate partner violence in LGBTIQ+ relationships.

All of our workshops involve open discussion and the exploration of participants’ thoughts and beliefs as we believe that any educative work around violence prevention needs to involve an analysis of our own values, and challenge the attitudes and myths that enable and perpetuate a culture of family violence and sexual assault.

Topics we can cover include:

  • Family and Intimate Partner violence in LGBTIQ+ relationships and communities; exploring the similarities and unique differences between FV/IPV in LGBTIQ+ relationships and heterosexual relationships

  • Frameworks for understanding violence within LGBTIQ+ relationships and against LGBTIQ+ people/communities - expanding on an intersectional feminist approach, unpacking queer theory, and exploring how we might enact hierarchy and entitlement

  • What is heterosexism? Discussion of terms and concepts relevant to LGBTIQ+ FV/IPV

  • Exploring homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, heterosexism and the intersections of these and FV/IPV

  • Myths contributing to violence, and myths and stereotypes impacting LGBTIQ+ people

  • Supporting LGBTIQ+ peoples who have experienced violence, and structural barriers for accessing support

  • Resources & support services for LGBTIQ+ peoples

Feedback we have received about our LGBTIQ+ Professional Development program in 2018:

“It is always useful to chew over, reflect on issues for LGBTIQ community with family violence. Thanx for resources”

“The four pillars and theoretical frameworks – really good at contextualising”

“Discussion about the impact of FV in LGBTIQ+ diverse communities and the similarities of power and control”

“Today was really useful in terms of how to respond to LGBTIQ people as a service”

“It helped to broaden the understanding and the barriers that are faced”

“Group discussions, information on services and resources and language”

“The best part of the day was encouraging us to think about our own ignorance and bias”

“The discussions and the case study to explore barriers and services”

“I was helped to think beyond the usual framework of heterosexual practice”

“Really clear, informative exercises that provided clarity. Everything amazing.”

“Until now I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss this topic deeply”

“It gave me a greater understanding of family violence”

“Incredibly informative, facilitation was sensitive, safe, and open. I found it very empowering.”

“I learnt new concepts around FV and new ways to interact with clients”

“Great progression from conceptual to practical. Really comprehensive and thoughtful approach”

“Made me aware of current services available”


Our workshops are charged on a sliding scale depending on the available resources of your group/organisation. Contact us for information on our current rates. If your group/organisation does not have access to funding, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your request.